About me

Did you think about that fact: there is everything in our world is unique? There is no implicit identity even in absolutely similar things. Moreover, when speaking about the apex of creation — human being. In this case variety has no limits.

Look at the mirror. There is no same face in the world – the same lips, the same eyes, the same features. You are unique. You hide the great power inside yourself – it’s your mind, your brain. The amount of nerve cells in our brain approximately equals to the amount of stars in our galaxy. Countless diversity of mindsets, this super-maсhine is capable to create cannot be even compared to the number of atoms in the Universe. An average human has a potential to memorise all the information in the world in all existing languages.

Yet it is not always like this.

Every time we forget about something: it could be phone number, shopping list or to switch off your iron…Even the happiest moments of our life fade from the memory. Fortunately, there are people, who can help to capture the precious memories, and these people are not doctors or special coaches for your brain. They are photographers, warriors of lights and shades. Their professional eye grants them with an ultimate vision of the moment, and the art of transmitting this vision into the hands of sophisticated technologies that will easily capture and reflect your memories.

I’m happy to tell you that I’m the one of them. And I could be your own memory catcher and save all of your emotions for your own future.